Much information about visiting Auroville is best obtained from

This is especially true for information about visiting Auroville as polices change over the years.

You may also wish to be informed on how to visit the Matrimandir to allow sufficient time for orientation and a meditation in the inner chamber.

There is also a link to AV guesthouses. It may be necessary to book months in advance if you plan to go in January or February.

Be sure your passport is current and you have received a tourist visa for India before booking a ticket. The new office for processing visas is Cox and Kings Global Services.

Good sites for air travel include Kayak, Make My Trip and Yatra.

* Important information for VOLUNTEERS:

If you are coming to Auroville for a few months and intend to volunteer regularly in a unit or service, we recommend you to apply for a 3 months ‘volunteer visa’. This visa will protect you and Auroville in case of an immigration inspection while you are volunteering in one of our services, farms or other places. It is our experience that such check-ups are these days regularly taking place.

You can apply for such a 3 months volunteer visa even if you are staying less than 3 months in Auroville.

If you wish to apply for a 3 months volunteer visa, you will need a ‘letter of recommendation’ from the Auroville Foundation. This letter will be sent to your home address via express courier (for which we’ll ask you some remuneration) and you will give it to the Indian Embassy or visa processing service in your country.

To obtain this letter of recommendation, please email to the Entry Secretariat: indicating when you are coming and until when, and the unit or service you intend to volunteer in. Note that a volunteer cannot receive any kind of remuneration from the unit or service.

The process to request for the ‘letter of recommendation’ and having it sent to you can take up to 2 months, so please take this time factor into account.

If you are planning to organise a workshop or seminars during your stay in Auroville, please see with the Indian Embassy to have clarity about which best visa to apply for: a ‘seminar visa’, ‘workshop visa’, etc. (for these we do not provide ‘letter of recommendation’).


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